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a collection of movements aimed at defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women
(Hint: if it simply reframes patriarchy in you-go-girl way, while subjugating women, or… well, anyone, it is not feminism)

Added to a word to form a noun denoting one who follows a principle

In the Futurama movie Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder (2009), Leela – the sassy, purple-haired, kick-ass lead female character – becomes an outlaw, when she and the other female characters join a group of feminist, ecological activists known as Feministas

From their Feminista cave, the Honey-Bun Hideout, the “confemeracy” planned to save the Violet Dwarf star from destruction. The Violet Dwarf star was home to all the endangered species in the universe. In their outlaw uniform of pink-camouflage and armed with their skills, the femi-power and a golf-club they set out to save the universe.

Chanting: “Shut up and hear our wisdom,
Save the ecosystem
” they confront the evil property developer.

Under advice from Leela “we can either chant slogans or We Can Take Action” they take action.

With the men safely locked up in the go-go cage, the Feministas defeated the property developer and the military which was hunting them down. The Violet Dwarf Star was spared, the endangered species survived and had a good time doing so.

images from Futurama © Matt Groening, fair-use is not intended to over-ride his copyright