Who We Are

Once upon a time, little girls used to play tea party, with their plastic cups and stuffed bears and dolls. As they grew up, women would meet with their girlfriends at 5-star hotels for Afternoon Tea.

Then, the rabid Right Wing in the United States took the name “Tea Party” for their political movement which has seen a massive winding back of rights for people across almost all demographics, particularly women.

In Australia, women and men have witnessed some of the most vile misogyny that any woman has ever experienced directed against the Prime Minister, much of it coming from the lunar Right.

The sexist, misogynist, hateful way the Right, currently in Opposition, treat the Prime Minister is just a sign on what women of Australia can expect under an Abbott-led government.

The extreme Right took the name Tea Party, and now, we are taking it back.

English: Mabel Capper and Suffragettes with a ...

English: Mabel Capper and Suffragettes with a petition 1911 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inspired by the Suffragettes and 1920s flappers (and women throughout history) who fought for women’s rights to vote and work and take their place in society, standing up to those who would make women invisible. The Progressives Tea Party is a celebration of women’s enfranchisement and women’s voices – our rights to vote, our rights to lead, our rights to speak, and our rights to be heard.

On the weekend of 27-28th of July women across Australia are invited to take part in an Afternoon Tea – cake, politics and feminism.


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